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Lidding Films (Laminate)

Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films are a kind of non-traditional polyester lidding film which can be used to seal packaging, such as food packaging trays.

Are they a good alternative to polyester lidding films for microwaveable meals?

Yes. Wrapid is a lidding film manufacturer and distributor that prides itself on being able to offer a range of lidding film solutions, including those other than traditional polyester lidding films.

Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films are an ideal choice if you're looking for a lidding film to go with polypropylene trays for microwave-only cooking, such as those used in value range ready meal packaging, or to accompany similar products.

Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films provide an alternative polyester lidding film option where dual-ovenable properties aren't needed or where the sealing and barrier properties required are different from those of standard polyester lidding films.

Why choose polypropylene and polyethylene tray laminate lidding films?

If you don't need a dual-ovenable lidding film, or polyester lidding films aren't suitable, non-polyester lidding films can be a great substitute. They can provide a high level of clarity of film with excellent sealing characteristics, which makes them a perfect choice for higher-end ready meal ranges.

Non-polyester lidding films provide the same moisture resistance as polyester counterparts as well as alternative barrier and sealing properties. On the other hand, because they have a lower melting point, sealing at 120-180°C, they aren't suitable for oven cooking, unless the lid can be peeled beforehand.

Which laminate lidding film does Wrapid offer?

Wrapid offer 50PP, which is a micron polyester/modified PE laminate film. It can provide a peelable seal to polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, and PVC trays, as well as weld seal to polyethylene trays. The anti-fog coating is for 50PP lidding films is available on request.

Are laminate lidding films useful for products other than microwavable meals?

Yes. As the number of convenience food packaging combinations continues to expand, pre-prepared meals are being packaged more and more often as full portions of meat contained in ovenable aluminium trays. These trays can be sealed with removable lidding films that don't need to be ovenable. So, Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films can provide superb lidding for these ovenable aluminium tray meals as well.

Moreover, because these kinds of meal packaging are being designed more and more often with a reduced amount of cardboard sleeve covering, it means that the lidding film is increasing more visible to the consumer. This is why choosing a lidding film with maximum clarity and optimal sealing is crucial, which is what makes Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films an excellent addition.

Which foil tray laminate does Wrapid offer?

Wrapid offers the 60AL film, which seals between 200-200°C. This peelable laminate seal reaches full strength after one hour. Ideal for the enhanced presentation of meat and poultry, the film must be removed before oven cooking. Polyester ovenable tray laminates are available from Wrapid if needed.

Are multi-layer options available?

Yes, some lidding film manufacturers and distributors like Wrapid can offer advanced, multi-layered lidding film products. These multi-layer lidding films can provide much stronger barrier properties, as well as increased product freshness, extended shelf life, and higher quality product presentation.

Wrapid can also offer the inclusion of an ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer. EVOH layers add even greater barrier properties and excel at reducing the negative effects oxidisation can have on food flavour by keeping air out.

EVOH works best as a multi-layer lidding film because the air-resistant properties can be weakened by moisture and EVOH is not the greatest moisture-resistant lidding. However, additional lidding layers made from materials like Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films can provide supplementary moisture resistance and preserve the exceptional air-resistance of the EVOH layer.

What are the other advantages of Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films?

As a leading film lidding manufacturer and distributor, Wrapid can cater to a wide range of lidding film specifications and requirements. Wrapid distributes for DuPont Teijin, a leading film manufacturer, who have revolutionised fresh produce packaging.

In particular, DuPont Teijin produces cutting-edge clarity and anti-fog lidding film products. These products are also the most printable in the market, eliminating the need for paper labelling if desired. And, they are easily peeled, even at lower temperatures.

Reduced sharding is another key feature of Dupont Teijin lidding technology. When a lidding film can't be easily peeled in on the whole piece, it reduces the chance of consumers repeating a purchase of that product. And, Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films can also be easily adapted to whatever packaging design, technique, or equipment you're using.

Why choose Wrapid for your lidding films solutions?

Based in Bradford, England, Wrapid is Europe's leading distributor of DuPont Teijin; an international lidding films manufacturer. Operating since 1978, Wrapid excels in plastic film conversion and distribution.

Wrapid are committed to corporate social responsibility, including sustainable segregated waste management, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, established environmental and ethical trading policies, and long-term recycling targets.

How do you order Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films from Wrapid?

If you're interested in exploring alternative-polyester lidding film options for microwaveable meals, ovenable aluminium trays, or any other product, get in touch with our sales team at info@wrapid.co.uk.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, want further information on laminate lidding films, or for any other lidding film needs you may have. Or if you'd like to read more information on foil trail laminates or polypropylene and polyethylene tray laminates, please visit the relevant sections of this site.