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Polyester Mylar® Films

Wrapid, in conjunction with DuPont Teijin Films, offer the broadest portfolio of Mylar® polyester lidding film and have an unrivalled technological industry knowledge. Product and process innovation are key drivers for the business and by working to understand our customers, the markets in which they operate and industry supply chains, Wrapid will continue to develop and deliver improvements in their flexible packaging service offering.

Polyester film is one of the most versatile inventions of the past 50 years with an ever expanding repertoire of applications beyond simply ready meal lidding. Almost everywhere you look, something based on polyester film touches our lives. DuPont Teijin Films are constantly pushing the boundaries of science, inventing and developing new uses for their brands of PET and PEN polyester film. Sustainable packaging demands can now be fully satisfied with the PET range of Mylar® polyester lidding films.

Recent studies have shown that 54% of people would not buy a ready meal again if the lidding film sharded when opening the hot meal. DuPont Teijin have worked extensively on developing the base film mechanical properties to reduce the tendencies of sharding.

Mylar® film will give reliable and repeatable peel strengths for both hot and cold foods. The anti-fog coating option on the Mylar® range optimises the presentation of the chilled and frozen food without any detrimental “fogginess”. Class leading film clarity and transparency further adds to the meal presentation.