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Mylar® Heat Sealant Films

Since 1978, Wrapid have provided a variety of polyethylene heat seal temperature food packaging products to clients all over the globe. From foil to foam trays and packaging for fresh fruit and frozen fish, our packaging extends well beyond standard ready meal lids. Our technical experience in the packaging industry has allowed us to provide the highest quality packaging solutions for all client needs. The Mylar® lidding films that we provide have made their name as the most popular film in the food industry.

We offer a number of bespoke packaging options to suit customer requirements. There are several types of polyester film that we can offer our customers. If you are looking for types of sealing in packaging, we can provide the following options:

POLYESTER MYLAR® FILMS - Polyester film is a versatile substance that has been popular in the food industry for the last 50 years. In this ever-changing industry, it is understandable that developing a lidding material that met the needs of customers and industry regulations alike was paramount. Many customers stated that they would not purchase a ready meal that was poorly packaged and had a polyethylene heat seal temperature reactive lid that did not operate effectively. Many companies have used ready meal lidding of poor quality that does not peel away correctly. DuPont Teijin recognised this issue, with 54% of people saying they would not buy a ready meal that had a lid that sharded when they peeled it back, ready to serve their hot meal.

Mylar® film provides strength and durability to prevent against these issues, giving a consistently reliable peel on packaging housing both hot and cold foods. This high-quality film adds to the presentation of pre-packaged meals and food items, with the option to add an anti-fogging coating to the film to avoid against a fogged appearance caused by cold or frozen food.

The packaging is suitable for frozen meals, chilled meals, seafood, meat, poultry, fresh fruit, and other fresh produce.

Wrapid Laminate Lidding Films - Wrapid lidding films offer customers an ideal solution for any food tray sealing requirements. Polypropylene trays are often seen in value ready meals and Wrapid's laminate films are a perfect solution for the sealing of this type of meal. In addition to this, the clarity of the films allows the customer to see the contents of the ready meal clearly before purchasing, and after cooking. Although the films are ideal for value range ready meals, they are also suitable for premium range items. Many food suppliers are now stocking food items including whole meat joints or poultry goods in foil trays for convenient cooking. Our films are a perfect addition to these premium meals as they allow customers to examine the quality of the meat before purchasing. Furthermore, with raw meat and poultry, sealing is essential. Our films allow raw meat and poultry to be safely sealed in trays before cooking, ensuring a longer shelf-life and a reduced risk of cross-contamination.

Our 60AL Laminate is an excellent film for foil tray sealing. With a polyethylene heat seal temperature of between 200°C and 220°C, this film will seal instantly, reaching its highest seal strength just one hour after sealing. This makes it an ideal solution for premium ready meals that include raw meat or poultry. The film must be removed before oven cooking, however, we do stock films that are oven-safe. Oven-safe films allow customers to cook meals containing fresh raw meat without the need to expose or touch the raw contents of the dish at any point until it is cooked.

For value ready meals in polyethylene trays, our 50PP film is a strong and durable microwaveable film. The film can be sealed at a lower temperature of between 120°C - 180°C and can be provided with an anti-fog coating.

rPET Film - The general public and manufacturers alike are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, particularly when it comes to single-use packaging. With an increase in awareness, some companies are opting to make more environmentally friendly choices to save both the environment and their customer base. This film contains up to 50% of post-consumer recycled materials and has a lower carbon footprint compared to other films on the market.

Our food polyester films are suitable for all manufacturers in the food industry, which is how we have managed to establish global relations with international clients. We can provide tray films for a variety of pre-packaged meals, also stocking environmentally friendly solutions. Our films are suitable for raw meat and poultry. The packaging we provide extends far from ready meals and can be suitable for fresh fruit packaging, dairy, and other fresh items.

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