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About Us

Leading UK food packaging company, Wrapid specialises in the conversion and manufacturing of polyester films. We are Europe’s largest distributor of DuPont Teijin Mylar polyester films, and have been supplying food and industrial customers globally since 1978.

Operating from Bradford, England, we have a world-class reputation for excellence and are able to provide contracts for both conversion and distribution of branded products. Wrapid is split into two distinct business areas, covering the plastic films conversion and distribution markets and the greetings card and products and services markets.

We offer the full range of services, from ready meal lidding film to polypropylene bags, envelopes and packing solutions for greetings cards. We can offer advice and expertise on whether rPet or PET film would suit your product best and include some industry-leading specialist materials for conversion and distribution, including mono web film, and heat sealant films.

We are always happy to provide a comprehensive quote or friendly advice, so contact us for more information on info@wrapid.co.uk

Our services:

Lidding films

We offer a range of tray laminate lidding films. From 60AL laminate for aluminium tray sealing to 50PP for polypropylene and polyethylene tray sealing. These offer a strong peelable seal and can be suitable for microwavable applications. Available with brand new anti-fog technology, these lidding films offer a customer-friendly, economical option.

Heat sealant films

Heat sealant films will seal under a broad range of sealing conditions, and so have a good range of applications for the business customer. Our array of heat sealant films are foremost amongst UK food packaging companies and offer a versatile, specialist option. Our industry-leading materials include several sealing layers to ensure that a good seal is achieved, whatever the conditions. For information about our full range of heat sealant films, get in touch today.

Sealant films

Sealant films are used in a massive variety of products, from coffee packaging to pet food. They are a simple and elegant solution to keeping your product safe, secure and sealed. Our film products are specially optimised for ease of application and are ideal for a product which might need an easy-peel option. To see the full scope of applications, contact us on info@wrapid.co.uk

Peelable film

Wrapid is proud to lead UK food packaging companies in the manufacture of peelable films. Our easy-opening packaging technology incorporates an extra methylene group into the conventional polymer we use in our peelable seals. This radical shift allows a seal which has comparable adhering qualities to the more well-known polypropylene, but with a lower entanglement density. The peelable seals we provide utilise these technological advancements to produce a seal with is sterilizable, and yet easy for customers to use.

Weld seal film

With great stability at high temperatures and an excellent level of strength, the Wrapid set of weld seal film is an excellent solution for a range of products. These seal films have one heat-sealable surface and seal permanently to themselves, and other polyester grades. If you are interested in weld seal film, get in contact today and we can help you find the perfect solution for your product.

PET film

Wrapid provides high-performance polyester to that is brilliantly suited for a range of industrial, electronic, and organic applications. PET film remains a popular, easy to apply film which customers request time and again. When compared to other UK food packaging companies, Wrapid offers the most comprehensive and economical range of PET films on the market and is happy to offer you it’s expertise.

rPET film

Wrapid is the leading distributor of Dupont rPET recyclable films. This great technology is new from the world leaders, DuPont. It is designed to peel off in one action, resulting in a satisfied customer. We also offer the Mylar range of rPET lidding films, which are proud to offer up to 50% post-consumer recycled content. Wrapid prioritises it’s corporate social responsibility and is happy to be number one supplier of rPET sealable films amongst UK food packaging companies.

Mono Web film

Mono Web films are a great option if you are looking for a product which has an attractive, glossy appearance, without compromising it’s dimensional stability and scratch resistance. The molecular structure of this clever product results in an impermeable surface that is resistant to moisture, steam, as well as more tricky interlopers like oils, fats and solvents. This options provides great flexibility for the price and is durable enough to ensure customers are satisfied.

Barrier film

If you are looking to prolong shelf-life and maintain a healthy-looking product, barrier film is the ideal solution. Wrapid is industry-leading in offering a range of barrier films, whether you are looking for a total barrier or something more flexible and transparent. Take a look at the options we provide for barrier films to get an idea of how we can help your company, then get in touch for a quote or some advice.