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Oct 5, 2020


BOPET films are incredibly resource efficient and punch above their weight in the flexible packaging market

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Although they only count for between 5-10% of the flexible packaging volume by weight, the percentage of packaging structures that rely on BOPET films' unique set of properties is far higher with up to 25% of packs using BOPET as a critical component.

Removing BOPET film from these structures will lead to a significant increase in cost and carbon emissions with more plastic used and additional machinery and factories needed to compensate for less efficient packaging structures. It is also unlikely to lead to a significant rise in mechanical recycling rates due to the mismatch between the size of the flexible packaging market and the limited end use markets for non food contact approved polyolefin material.

Building on the best in class mechanical and chemical recycling options available, BOPET films offer the only viable option for the use of food contact approved recycled material in flexible packaging, helping brand owners and retailers to deliver on their sustainability pledges and boost the circularity of flexible packaging.

Article written by:

Steven Davies
PV Market Manager EMEA at DuPont Teijin Films

Wrapid are Europe's largest distributor of DuPont Teijin Films.

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